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If you're thinking about an Oracle training course, here's a few facts to consider:

That's 3 good reasons for having some Oracle training, but why choose Smartsoft ?

The simple answer is that we can give you a bigger "bang for your buck" - maximum knowledge transfer from highly-experienced consultants, top-quality courseware and a real desire to ensure delegates learn theory as well as practice.

Plus, your Oracle training courses will be :-

With our partners we can also offer standard classroom-based Oracle training at centres across the country. The syllabuses, dates, prices and locations of our scheduled Oracle courses are available here

If you're new to Oracle, just click here for our free introduction to Oracle ,or if you're looking for an advanced SQL tutorial, click here .

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Discover how to build your Oracle systems better, faster and smarter than ever before. Click here and tell us how we can help you, or call 0845 0031320.

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