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Oracle Performance Tuning Tactics Part 4: The Role Of Views In High Performance Databases

Uses of Views
Optimising Views
    Integrating Views With The Rest Of The Query
    Keeping Views Separate From The Rest Of The Query
Further Reading


This is the 4th article in the series looking at Oracle performance tuning. This month we'll take a look at the role of views, plus their advantages and disadvantages. If you have any questions send them to us and we'll answer them in a future issue. Feedback is also very welcome, please send us your comments - good or bad

Let's very quickly recap the choice of "weapons" you have available to you in your "arsenal" for Oracle performance tuning:-

  1. Full table scans
  2. Indexes
  3. Joins
  5. De-normalization
  6. Oracle Stored Procedures
  7. Sub-queries

Topics 1 to 3 have already been covered. Click here to see the role of views in high performance databases


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