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Oracle8 OLTP Enhancements

The enhancements to Oracle8 for OLTP systems consist of enhancements to the Oracle Call Interface (OCI) and parallel server and the introduction of queuing and messaging facilities inside the database.

Oracle8 Oracle Call Interface (OCI) Enhancements

These comprise: A client side object cache to reduce the number of round trips between server and client Reduced use of memory on the server managing the connection to the client and the Multiplexing of user sessions on one network connection.

Enhancements To Advanced Queuing Features

Oracle8 now formally incorporates queues and the supporting processes to add entries to and remove entries from a queue. This is useful for applications such as workflow management to enable messages to be sent from one process to another thereby removing the need for a separate transaction-processing monitor.

Oracle8 Parallel Server Enhancements

The parallel server (now known as Real Application Clusters) now includes global fixed views (prefixed gv$), which are equivalent to the corresponding v$ views, but with an extra column to identify the particular instance to which each value applies. This avoids the need to log on to each instance individually to obtain the information. Another new feature of parallel server is transparent application failover. This enables users to be connected to another parallel server instance automatically when the original instance to which they were connected becomes unavailable. The failover can be configured at three functional levels that determine how transparent to the user the switch to the standby system is and two performance levels, which determine how quickly the standby system is available.  The functional levels are: SELECT: enables users with open cursors to continue fetching from the cursor after failure SESSION: automatically transfers the connection, but does not recover any queries NONE: the default, which means neither queries nor connections are recovered The performance levels are: BASIC: takes longer to switch over but requires little work on the standby system PRECONNECT: this option provides the fastest switch over but requires the standby system to maintain duplicate connections for all systems for which it is the standby. With Oracle 8, parallel server now has a distributed lock manager integrated into the database. This reduces the time required for installation and implementation of parallel server and makes the lock manager portable and more flexible. Often in a parallel server environment, modifications to indexes are concentrated on a small set of leaf blocks, which may cause hot spots on the disk and reduce performance due to the amount of block pinging required for each instance to be able to update the data block. In Oracle 8 this can be avoided by the use of reverse-key indexes which reverse the order of the bytes in each column of the index whilst maintaining the column order. This feature can also be used to prevent skewed indexes, which occur when new values are always inserted at one end of the index and old values are always removed from the other end of the index. See the Oracle8 new features overview for a summary of other new features. ----------------------------------------------------------- Looking to sky-rocket productivity, slash costs and accelerate innovation? Training is a highly cost-effective, proven method of boosting productivity leaving time, money and staff available for more innovation. Smartsoft offers instructor-led training in Oracle and related technologies on or off site in cities across the UK as well as self-study online training.  See our training course schedule, or let us know your requirements. Oracle tips and tricks Subscribe to our newsletter, jam-packed full of tips and tricks to help you slash costs, sky-rocket productivity and make your systems better, faster and smarter. Smartsoft Computing Ltd, Bristol, England Tel: 0845 003 1320 Contact Us View our privacy policy This site uses to gather statistical information about our visitors. This data is aggregated to show industry trends (such as browser share). However, this data shall be the average of many thousands of visits and is in no way linked to individuals. View woopra privacy policy.  Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. © Copyright Smartsoft Computing Ltd 2014. All rights reserved.
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