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Oracle8 New Features

Oracle8 has been designed to be able to support more users and bigger databases than Oracle7 by making better use of resources and to be easier to administer and maintain. It also provides better support for distributed and n-tier environments and supports a limited set of object oriented features to make the database structure closer to the real world. The new features include: Enhancements for very large databases and on-line transaction processing systems A Recovery Manager utility to complement Enterprise Manager Ad hoc enhancements such as password management and index only tables Object support within the database and object extensions to SQL and PL/SQL Support for the network computing architecture - a multi-tier architecture that supports standards such as CORBA, ActiveX, HTTP and Java with each tier extensible through the use of cartridges. The main benefits are easy maintenance due to the use of a modular architecture, extensibility and the ability to integrate legacy systems with new object-oriented applications.

 Oracle8 Recovery Manager (RMAN)

This is a new utility designed to automate some of the manual tasks involved in the backup and recovery of very large databases in particular. It does this by maintaining a recovery catalogue, which holds information required for backup and recovery and enables both the backup and recovery processes to be performed automatically. The recovery manager can be used to back up the whole database, individual tablespaces or data files, or just changed blocks. Initially, the database files are backed up on to the disk as a backup set which can then be copied to tape. The utility can also produce reports to show which data files are in need of a backup and which backup sets contain archived logs with a specified name and within a specified range. Our Oracle resources section has recommendations for further reading to enhance your knowledge of Oracle and contains links to information on OTN and other places. For more Oracle help, see our many free articles and tutorials. Start from tips-and-tricks.htm and just follow the links. ----------------------------------------------------------- Looking to sky-rocket productivity, slash costs and accelerate innovation? Training is a highly cost-effective, proven method of boosting productivity leaving time, money and staff available for more innovation. Smartsoft offers instructor-led training in Oracle and related technologies on or off site in cities across the UK as well as self-study online training.  See our training course schedule, or let us know your requirements. Oracle tips and tricks Subscribe to our newsletter, jam-packed full of tips and tricks to help you slash costs, sky-rocket productivity and make your systems better, faster and smarter. Smartsoft Computing Ltd, Bristol, England Tel: 0845 003 1320 Contact Us View our privacy policy This site uses to gather statistical information about our visitors. This data is aggregated to show industry trends (such as browser share). However, this data shall be the average of many thousands of visits and is in no way linked to individuals. View woopra privacy policy.  Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. © Copyright Smartsoft Computing Ltd 2014. All rights reserved.
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